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British Columbia & Alberta

About Us

Hi, my name is Donovan Foster, and I am originally from Jamaica. I started out my very first business in late 90’s and it was carpet cleaning services. Then I became certified furnace technician and worked in a heating and cooling industry in British Columbia for several years.

And in 2002, with few of my long-time friends, I established Super Dee 1-Ton Services. A name Super Dee came from the nickname my friends call me, perhaps becauase I am kind of handy in various different things :-)

And with my name on the line, I assure you our moving and delivery services will be the gentlest you’ve ever experienced!

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Super Dee - British Columbia

9186 156 St, Surrey, BC V3R 5Y8
Cell: 778-686-1247
Office: 604-584-2141

Super Dee - Alberta

4180 Doverbrook Rd, SE
Calgary, AB T2B 1X5
Office: 778-686-1247