Moving & Delivery Services

British Columbia & Alberta

Moving Service We Provide

Since 2002, we’ve been moving your friends, family and neighbours. Although we’ve lost track of number of homes and businesses we’ve moved to date, whichever neighbourhood in our city we are working on, it seems that we can point out at least a house or two that we have moved in the past.  

If you are planning to move and need gentler movers to get you to your new place, we would love to hear from you.

Our reasonable rates and service quality have made us the go-to movers for social assistance services of the Ministry of Social Development in the province of British Columbia. Through this agreement, we’ve been providing our moving services to hundreds of low-income, elderly or special-needs customers.

No job is too heavy for Super Dee!


Delivery Services We Provide

In addition to our complete moving services, we do also provide delivery services to our customers in British Columbia and Alberta. Whether it is just one odd item you need to be delivered from point A to point B, or regularly scheduled pickup arrangements, we deliver them all.

If it is under 1-ton, regardless of shape and size, we deliver it to your doorsteps!

Our flat rate makes your delivery worry-free! Call us today to learn more.

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