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GD, Surrey, BC

Recently we hired Super Dee 1-Ton Services when we moved to our new home and we were truly impressed by their service! I’ve witnessed how truly super good they are at what they do. We have all sorts of furniture items, from awkward glassware sets to extremely heavy home gym machineries that fill our entire basement floor space! They were all handled with appropriate care and technique. Right after their arrival in the morning, Donovan and his crew spent good half an hour or so by visually cataloguing our belongings in order to determine how and in what order they should be loaded. Various items were wrapped in protective blankets and taped around securely.

And when it comes to actually loading them up on the truck, it is where they show their real muscle and efficiency. Many of our home gym equipments weigh well over 200 lbs and it was very tight to get them out through our basement door, which leads to a narrow staircase with cornered transition. They managed to move it by manoeuvring inch here and inch there! My office desk is also a bulky (and sensitive to scratches and dents) item that requires quite a sport to move it from upstairs through another narrow staircase. They too managed to load it without touching either the wall or the hardwood stairs. All our stuff arrived at the destination without any damages or scratches! Unloading was done equally gentle, but fast.

It took over 7 hours to complete our move and I could tell by the end of the day that they all had an exhaustive workout due to various heavy equipments had to be moved. Still, they were wearing smiles on their faces and cracking jokes amongst each other and with myself.

What a truly hard working and friendly team they are and I strongly recommend anyone who is shopping around for movers or delivery service providers! I am certain that you will be left impressed, just like I have been!

Thank you Super Dee’s Team!

K & N, Surrey, BC

Our experience with Donovan and the Super Dee team has been great! When they pulled up at our driveway, honestly, the truck looked bit smaller than what I thought we would need to fit all our stuff. But when they started loading, the truck seemed getting “fatter” and “fatter”. With no square-inches wasted, all our belongings fit nicely! Boy, they know how to pack and load! Thank You very much!

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